5 Steps To Profitable Social Media


5 Steps To Profitable Social Media

A strong social media presence gives you credibility the way few other things can in 2018.

Bringing your A-game to social media can open big doors quickly, and is vital to the success of your sales funnel strategy.

Want to get your social media accounts on the road to profitability? Check out the 5 tips below!


Don’t post random content.

It might fill space and get a few likes, but it usually wont move your brand forward. Set an industry-appropriate direction early on: A voice, a style, and a topic that will benefit your brand and provide value to would be customers.

Research posts from the best and the worst in your industry, there are always thing to learn from both.

TIP: Look through the last 25 posts from the top pages in your industry. What were the highest and lowest likes? What about comments? Figure out why the successful ones succeeded and the failures failed and build that into your strategy.


Go deeper than gender and age. What times are your ideal customers the most active? What other topics are they interested in? What pages do they follow? What income levels align with your product or service?

The more specific information you build on your highest converting customers, the more of them you will be able to find.

TIP: Google trends and Facebook Audience Insights have information on almost everything you could need to know in order to narrow your focus.


The reason social media is so powerful for businesses is that it allows you to gather data on your customers and their interactions with your brand.

The Facebook Ad Manager can track how users engage with your ads and landing pages, exactly what is converting properly and what isn’t.

It is possible to hit a home run swinging blind, but it’s a lot harder.

TIP: Using Facebook’s Pixel, you can track when users only watch part of a video, enter only some of their information, abandon a shopping cart, etc. Automate a personalized ad to target users at that stage of the funnel to get the conversion.


I know you don’t want to hear it, but profitable content is quality content.

It’s nearly impossible to make a post in less than 30 minutes that will have genuine impact on today’s crowded social media platforms — and most professionals spend at least an hour.

Find the right image, write the right copy, research the right hashtags, track down the right link, figure out the right time to post, and preferably, do it all ahead of time.

You want to position yourself as an expert in your field with content that engages viewers.

If they walk away with expert-level info they didn’t have before, then you made a lasting impression. If they leave thinking “I knew that already,” or “I could have done that,” you missed out.

TIP: You want users to get value from your content: Educate them, inspire them, motivate them, or entertain them. Every post should accomplish one of these goals.


Generating profit from a social media page is not an instant process; it takes providing value consistently over a long enough period of time to attract followers and build brand impressions.

If it’s not fast, why is it worth it, then?

Because once you have it, you have it. Good content attracts good followers, and good followers attract more good followers. The end goal is to develop credibility and gather information to help guide traffic to your sales funnel.

If you work smart both can happen in just a few months, but neither will come overnight.

TIP: For affiliate marketers, or those who want to use their following to become one, research what other interests and buying habits your audience has and position yourself to sell products aligned with those.

If you’re a fitness blogger with a following that is also interested in pet health, post a fitness article and place an affiliate ad for a pet health product on the page! Patterns = Profit


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Bad A Social Media?

Want an easy way to plan social media content for your business? Even if you've never marketed online before? Tell us where to send your content calendar!

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Bad A Social Media?

Want an easy way to plan social media content for your business? Even if you've never marketed online before? Tell us where to send your content calendar!

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