Lead Generation

No more cold calls, networking events, or door knocking to bring in new accounts. If your business relies on finding and prospecting leads to bring in new customers, lead generation with Ordinari is your new best friend. 

Our Process


What is lead generation? If you are in B2B, law, accounting, consulting, SaaS, coaching, or any other field that requires you to reach out and prospect to find new customers, lead generation is your new best friend.

No more cold calls, networking events, or door knocking to bring in new accounts. At Ordinari we use Linkedin, Facebook, and other marketing platforms to connect with potential customers and direct quality leads your way. As a result, you can spend more time on the parts of your business that actually make you money. Want to know how lead generation works and how it helps businesses like yours? Learn more on lead generation below!


Step 1


The first step in lead generation is narrowing our focus on defining what makes a good lead for your business. Then, we take an inventory of your industry and your competition to determine the most efficient direction.

Step 2

Create Demand

To draw in leads and grab attention, we create content centered around pushing common customers pain points. Then, we follow up content focused on your solutions and the benefits they provide.

Step 3

Calls To Action

Lastly, now that we’ve created demand, we can send them actual offers to drive lead traffic towards your inbox. Here we use things like a free consultation or 10% off to capitalize on the interest we’ve built up.

How It Works


Precise Targeting

A lead is only valuable is they are genuinely interested in doing business with you. We are able to target specific users based on interests, location, job title, and more, ensuring there's qualified leads headed your way.


Hot Leads

Tired of wasting time prospecting leads? Our 3-tier content system sorts casuals from customers, pokes their pain points, and then provides your solution. By the time they get to you, the work is nearly done. Save your most valuable resource, time, for what really matters to your business.


Beautiful Automation

Once the content is in play, you can be totally hands off. We will keep the system moving, run your content, and send you monthly reports. The only requirement on your end: answer phone calls and emails from leads!

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