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If your website wasn’t designed to convert visitors into customers, chances are, it might not. Take a look at our web design process below!

Our Process


In 2019 there are a few ways to get a website, but not all of them will help you reach your goals.

At Ordinari, we offer a full array of web design services, leveraging our experience and knowledge of insider do’s and dont’s, we can produce fast-loading, beautiful websites that drive your business objectives forward.

We ask the important questions that give us the right understanding of your industry, goals, and competition to deliver impactful, engaging content to users the moment they hit your page.


Step 1


Different businesses require different things from a website, what do you need from yours? We ask the important questions to make sure your site brings value to the table and moves you toward your goals.

Step 2

Map + Build

Based on your marketing goals we build a fast-loading, customer-impressing website brick by brick. And because your success is our goal, we analyze all the possible traffic paths through your site and optimize it for the paths that lead to customer conversions.   

Step 3


Analytics and insights give constant feedback on what is working the best and what’s not. Our team will comb through the data and make changes as needed to maintain optimal performance.

How It Works


Full Website Development

From the look of your landing pages down to the products in your online store, our team of web savvy designers are here to build you a clean platform from top to bottom. Experienced in nearly every ecommerce and CMS platform, we can work on top of your current site, or create a new one from scratch.


UX / UI Design

A website is only as effective as the experience it creates for visitors, and your content can only provide value to your customers if they’re able to engage with it easily. Our team will analyze and refine your site to ensure a design that maximizes conversions.


Routine Maintenance

Technology is always changing, and we understand that. Part of building your website is our commitment to keeping it up to date with today's best analytics and tech. We’re always monitoring your site’s performance and making timely updates to maintain a top notch experience for your customers.

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